Today, I want to speak about the power of the mass media brainwashing and its positive and negative impacts on a generation in 2 different societies and environments.

I grew up in a small farming village of Qidu, located in the city of Wenzhou, China. When I was growing up, the whole Chinese society was promoting on how cool it is to be smart and studious.

They had a system to promote hard works and good grades, I call it the “stripe system”. The “stripe system” had 4 tiers and basically were plastic badges you wore on your sleeve, there were “3 stripes”, “2 stripes”, “1 stripe”, and “no stripe”. “3 stripes” were the top of the food chain where the best, the brightest, the sexiest straight A students belonged to, the ones everyone was looking up to aka the cool and popular kids. (Yeah, I was one of them!) “No stripe” was the bottom of the food chain, they were basically labeled as the laziest and dumbest kids aka the most uncool and unpopular peasants.

Now with this system in place,  every kid in the country was trying to move up to the 3 stripe status, no one wanted to be that uncool kid that everyone looked down too. I was one of the victims, I strived so hard to become that popular “3 stripes” student and eventually became one of them in the early days. I rose above most peasants and became one of the sexiest!

During 5th grade, I moved to the United States of America, and it was here that my whole system of belief was turned upside down. This country embraced being STUPID as the new cool and popular. It was everywhere on the television where the smartest kids were labeled as the nerds and everyone picked on them. All you needed to be cool and popular was having the latest gadgets or clothing with the help of Capitalism and mass marketing, being bad and stupid was actually cool. I was like wtf is going on? How can I be cool again? Hence I began my journey of pretending to be stupid. I started to cut school, I started to smoke cigarettes, and I started to hang out with degenerates that had the similar goal of reaching that “cool kid” status.

Now as I looked back in time, I saw 2 different societies using mass media brainwashing to impact and influence a generation of adolescents, which one was the better solution? That’s up to you to decide, like I always said, everything is a double-edged sword, we just need to find the balance in all things.

Stay sexy my friends!