Once upon a time, there was an island kingdom ruled by a King Eagle and a Queen Eagle. One day they gave birth to their one and only heir, the Prince Eagle. They loved their baby so much that they decided to build a beautiful golden cage to protect him from the cruelty of the world.

As Prince Eagle grew up in that cage alone, he began to wonder what was out there, but he was not strong enough to break free from his parents’ “unconditional” love. Luckily within the cage, there laid the greatest treasure in the world, a vast library of knowledge. He began to read everything that was out there, but he especially fell in love with histories and philosophies. He loved the way history taught him about the rise and fall of the empires; he loved how the empires rose and why they fell, and he loved the way philosophies taught him the wisdom of living. Although he learned everything, he wasn’t ready to apply anything because he lived in the cage all his life.

As Prince Eagle grew up as a teenager in the cage, King Eagle and Queen Eagle wondered why their precious baby was not the strong, independent, and courageous eagle they wanted him to be. They began to think he was naturally stupid, lazy, and unmotivated. Hoping that Prince Eagle would one day become better, they started telling him he wasn’t good enough but the opposite happened. Prince Eagle became sick and insecure. He began to lose his desires to discern the world, so he hid in his cage furthermore.


The vicious cycle continued until the day Prince Eagle grew up to be an adult. Now he had no choice but to get out of his cage a little to help rule the island kingdom. Even so, he would always come back to the cage in the end.

In the real world, Prince Eagle started to see the cruelties and sufferings resulted from greed, jealousy, lust, and pride. He also began to understand empathy, trust, and love. He did not like what he saw and believed there should be a better way, so he started to apply his learnings to help to rule his parents’ kingdom.
One day, he heard rumors that there were vast continents outside of their island kingdom. That childhood curiosity came back into him, and he wanted to see what was out there. He started to strengthen his wings to fly higher and fly longer just to be able to reach the vast land he learned of. He began to develop his vision to see further and further just to be able to see the vast realm he always wondered about. He began to sharpen his claws to protect himself from the dangers out there in that vast realm.


After a decade of training himself, he finally reached the land he was always curious about. There, he saw many kingdoms ruled by ruthless kings and queens that were corrupted by greed, gluttony, lust, envy, sloth, wrath, and pride. He said to himself, “I need to change this, this is not how we are suppose to live.” His ambitions grew that day, but he knew changes won’t happen by believing, so he decided to conquer these kingdoms in order to bring peace among their subjects. He flew home that same day and spoke to his parents about his plans. they scoffed at his ridiculous plans and told him he was never “good enough”. Little did he know that the real reason was that King Eagle and Queen Eagle were getting old and weak, they did not have the ambitions nor the capabilities.

Now “caged” in his parents’ island kingdom, Prince Eagle began to look into himself and his purpose in life. He learned that the only thing that kept him behind at the moment was what this society called family, but family was one of the most significant things in his life, along with his own happiness. He had two options: the first option was to exile his own parents to take over the island kingdom so that he could start his conquest, and the second option was to leave everything behind to conquer everything on his own. The first option would turn him into a monster. He would become corrupted and ruthless like the kings and queens he loathed. He would live his life in resentment, and would never be happy again. The second option was risky. He would need to leave all the comforts and riches behind, and he would need to face obstacles that he never encountered before.

He was so torn until the day he heard of a similar story of another young prince named Siddhartha Gautama that lived 2,000 years before him. Prince Gautama was “caged” in his father’s palace all his life until he decided to leave everything behind to experience sufferings also to seek the truth and purpose of life. He found it and became known as the Buddha. That day, Prince Eagle packed up the only thing he had, his knowledge, and soar to the vast realm out there.


In the vast realm, Prince Eagle encountered many obstacles building his first tiny kingdom but he faced them without fear because he believed that an eagle would always be the King of the Sky. It didn’t matter which sky he was under.

Until this day, he knows there will be many more obstacles he will encounter for the goals that he wants to achieve, but he is ready for all of them with the knowledge that he possessed. To be continued…